About Us

We Deliver Technology!

Headquartered in the UAE, Africa Innovative Automation Limited (AIAL) is a new generation business house which offers state-of-the-art automation solutions in the East Africa region. The group began operation in 2008, and is a major supplier of automation solutions in the region.

Our first company Reliance Infotech Ltd. started operation in 2008 in Uganda, which offered a gamut of cutting-edge solutions and services. In 2010, it expanded its operations in Tanzania under the name, Benson Security Systems. In the same year, it started operations in South Sudan under the name, Reliance Security.

In 2012, Reliance Infotech Ltd. became Reliance Security and its new branches began operation in Rwanda and Burundi. In 2014, Reliance Security expanded its operation to Kenya. With the recent acquisition of Reliance Security for Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan, the group has further strengthened its presence in the region in the security and power segment.

We are constantly evolving ourselves and our business spans across automation, security, software, construction and energy solutions. Our innovation and products in these fields have enabled us to constantly progress and push these segments forward. Our subsidiaries include:

At AIAL, we are driven by a young and energetic workforce combined with a passion to deliver comfort to our clients through interactive solutions. Under the leadership of a young and passionate entrepreneur with over a decade of relevant experience, we create possibilities and services which empower people.

Through our innovative solutions, talented workforce, responsible approach and active citizen participation, we are driving the entire continent on the path to development and prosperity.

Guiding Principles

The board of directors is responsible for the overall governance of the AIAL group. Our primary objective is to create superior products and solutions across all our business areas to position us amongst the leading automation solutions suppliers in the East Africa region.