AIAL Energy

Unlike other environmental issues, global warming is a severe threat to both developed and developing countries. Several studies have confirmed the emission of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels as the primary cause of global warming. It is high time that we shall start looking for renewable alternatives.

AIAL Energy offers installation of windmills and photovoltaic (PV) systems on rooftops on Pay for Energy Produced on-site (PEP) basis. Our systems not only generate energy but also generate cash for you by saving on your monthly utility bills. These systems generate clean energy that will considerably reduce your carbon footprint.

These systems are installed at zero down payment, where AIAL energy takes care of installation and maintenance of the system and the consumer only pays for the electric energy generated by these systems. Our customized solar energy system offerings include :

Grid tied rooftop solar power plants

Off-grid rooftop solar power plants

Wind – solar hybrid telecom tower solution

Energy audit

Installation of these solar energy systems will reduce your dependency on renewable energy sources and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. For installation, you can call us and we will design a custom model for you best suited for your needs. You can start using your newly installed system immediately.