AIAL Software

Information technology (IT) has emerged as a key player in transforming businesses and maximizing growth. Cloud computing has been a game changer in reinventing businesses. It has shifted them towards an asset-free IT model where everything including hardware, software and data resources are available over a network.

AIAL Software is the most innovative subsidiary of the AIAL group and offers a wide range of business development and management software developed by experts in Kenya and India. We operate our software on Software (System) as a Service (SaaS) basis to our clients.

We take the sole responsibility of consulting, designing and implementation of the desired software solution. The customer only needs to pay for the monthly system usage charge which depends on the number of users and the package subscription. Our range of software products include :

Bus tickets management solutions

ERP solutions for small and medium scale enterprises

Taxi calling and fleet management solutions

Property management solutions

Time and attendance solutions

These services enable customers to access applications directly through the cloud without installing them on their local machines. This will cut down significant costs of software and hardware requirements which can be used to meet other business requirements.